Os propongo estas magníficas bolsitas para Pascua o para cualquier otro evento. Están hechas de fieltro blanco pero las puedes hacer de cualquier color o de cualquier retal que tengas por casa.



1. To make this little bunny friend, begin by downloading my simple template.


Use the template as a pattern and place it on two pieces of white felt (or whatever color you choose to make your bunny out of). Pin the pattern together with both pieces of felt and then cut them out.

2. Take one of the pieces of felt and create a simple bunny face on it. To do this I used thread to make a delicate sleeping bunny face- but you could also use embroidery floss if you prefer. Feel free to use my template for the eyes and nose or get creative and make another face of your choosing. In fact, this is a great craft to bring the kids in on! Have them embroider their own little bunny faces. It would be so fun to see what they came up with!


3. Once the face in on, place the two pieces of felt together (with the piece with the face on it facing up and out). Pin and sew them together from ear to ear, being careful to leave an opening at the top to insert treats and treasures. (Again, you could have little beginning sewers help you out with this part too!)


4. And now the fun part! Fill up your bunny with candy or little gifts. If using candy, and it’s not prepackaged, I would suggest placing it inside of a little plastic bag before inserting into the felt bunny (not show here).


3. Once your bunny friend is full, pull together the ears and tie them together with yarn, ribbon, string, you name it. This keeps the candy tucked tightly inside and makes the ears, just Oh so cute.

4. Share your bunny friend with your loved ones!!

Vía: http://mermag.blogspot.com.es