Este post va dedicado íntegro y exclusivamente a las maravillosas cosas que se pueden hacer con el cemento, lo mejor es que (con un poco de cuidado) se puede hacer en casa!!

1. Concrete iPad Stand: Of course, we have to kick things off with a little tech action. (via Instructables)

2. Concrete Alphabet: Guess how these letters were created? Letter-shaped ice trays! (via Dot Coms for Moms)

3. Concrete Bowl: How sweet is the little succulent in the center of this bowl? (via A Daily Something)

4. Concrete Table: We love everything about this gorgeous interior, especially that lamp! (via Weekday Carnival)

5. Concrete + Cylinder Vase: Combine middle school chemistry with concrete? Genius. (via A Daily Something)

6. Desk Lamp: Digging the minimalist aesthetic of this piece. (via Pastill)

7. Concrete Desk Set: Not a DIY but we couldn’t resist including it. I mean, technically, you can DIY everything, right? (via Magnus Pettersen)

8. DIY Bedside Lamp: This beautiful piece is definitely on the more involved side, but well worth the effort. (via Nimi Design)

9. Concrete Clock: What time is it? It’s time to pour some concrete! (via Instructables)

10. Ombre Tea Light Holders: Add a little darker concrete or powder pigment to create different shades of concrete. (via Naver)

11. Metallic Concrete Votives: We appreciate the ingenuity of using old bottles to create concrete objects, especially when combined with metallic spray paint. (via Monsters Circus)

12. Cinder Block Stacked Garden: So cool! Cinder blocks would also make awesome shelving. (via Apartment Therapy)

13. Cement Coasters: Again with the metal and concrete – such an aesthetic win. (via A Daily Something)

14. Geometric Lampshade: With a concrete base, this brass chandelier is definitely on the more work-of-art end of the spectrum. (via Weekday Carnival)

15. Concrete Coat Rack: A bucket filled with concrete, a few wooden dowels, and about an hour are all you need to recreate this cool coat rack. (via Decoist)

16. Cinder Block Furniture: In need of some outdoor furniture? Create a whole outdoor suite complete with a couch, coffee table, side tables, and bookshelf. (via B Organic)

17. Concrete Bath Set: Another one you can file under Not-A-DIY-But… we had to include this inventive bath set. (via Rough Fusion on Etsy)

18. Concrete Hearts: Another win for awesomely-shaped ice cube trays! (via Blog A La Cart)

19. Candle Holder: This would make a great centerpiece for a dining table, and could easily be created en masse for a wedding. (via Signe Pling)

20. Cinder Block BirdhouseRockin’ robin (Tweet, tweedle-lee-dee)! (via Lowe’s)

21. Hanging Lamps: We still can’t get over how surprisingly simple it is to create these modern pendant lamps. (via Brit + Co.)

22. Cement Easter Eggs: You can go ahead and bookmark this for next Easter. (via Camille Styles)

23. Concrete Letter Bookends: These were created using the same letters we used to make our vintage style marquee! (via Eilen Tein) cómo hacerlas:

24. Lace Bookend Planters: These might be our new favorite shelf candy. (via Brit + Co.)

25. Faceted Paperweights: Love the combination of geometric geode-like forms with metallic hues. (via Monsters Circus)

26. Succulent Planters: And finally, for all your adorable succulents, equally adorable planters! (via Apartment Therapy)
27. Moldes.
28. Candelabros
29. Cojín.

Y tu, has realizado algún interesante proyecto que me puedas enseñar??Con cual de estos te quedarías?? compártelo!!